reflecta Silver Fast SE8 for Proscan 7200

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reflecta Silver Fast SE8 for Proscan 7200

SilverFast SE 8 is the beginner version of SilverFast and has been specially adapted to the ProScan 7200 for optimally using this device‘s technique to create really perfect images. The ProScan 7200 has the ability to scan a slide or film negative at its full resolution of 3600 x 3600 dpi very quickly. SilverFast SE 8 is specially designed for beginners. The sophisticated 1-click auto image adjust ensures an easy image optimization on a high level. QuickTime movies, that are callable directly from the software, allow the novice to also use many further SilverFast tools for really exceptional images.

Some important SilverFast features are:

• WorkflowPilot: This step-by-step assistant provides all tools necessary for image optimization in the appropriate order.

• iSRD® Dust and Scratch Removal: Using infrared technology small image defects like dust particles and scratches are automatically detected and removed.

• NegaFix®: Choose from over 120 film profiles and convert your negatives into brilliant positives.