XLR Cable 3-Pin XLR Male to Fema 10m

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XLR Cable 3-Pin XLR Male to Fema 10m

This universal XLR cable is equipped with an XLR 3-pin male connector on one side, and an XLR 3-pin female connector on the other side. Both connectors have a straight form. The cable has a total length of 10m and comes in color dark grey. Further, this XLR cable is made of special material which makes the cable very flexible.

Application XLR cable

Due to the high resistance of 110 ohm, this XLR cable is perfect for sending DMX signals (light control) or AES-EUB signals (digital sound). You can use this cable to connect sound equipment like microphones, audiomixers and amplifiers. It is also possible to connect DMX lamps with this cable.

This XLR cable is also available in another length, see optional accessories.


  • 1x XLR Cable 3-Pin XLR Male to Fema 10m


Artikelnummer: Help 189255
Brand: Help Benel Photo
Dimensions (mm): Help 10 meters long