Linkstar Foldable Beauty Dish QSSR-70X/S 70 cm

Κατασκευαστής: Linkstar

Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 564365

Διαθεσιμότητα: Σε απόθεμα

Τιμή: 52,70€
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Linkstar Foldable Beauty Dish QSSR-70X/S 70 cm

The Linkstar QSSR-70X/S Foldable Beauty Dish is designed to spread the light further while maintaining a regular contrast. The QSSR-70X/S produces a soft yet somewhat dramatic lighting effect that is commonly used in portrait and fashion photography to highlight skin tones and faces. Included in the delivery is a diffuse cloth, which can be used to soften the light by diffusing the light output. The QSSR-70X/S has a diameter of 70 cm and is foldable, making it suitable to take on location.

Linkstar QSSR-70X/S Foldable Beauty Dish Specifications

The QSSR-70X/S is supplied with a Linkstar speed ring, suitable for all Linkstar studio flash units equipped with a bayonet connection. This speed is also compatible with Bowens, StudioKing, Lastolite, Jinbei, Qihe and Aurora studio flash units. By using an optional speed ring adapter, the QSSR-70X/S can also be used in conjunction with Falcon Eyes, Broncolor, Elichrom, Hensel and Multiblitz studio flash units. These compatible speed rings can be found in the optional accessories tab below.


  • Foldable Beauty Dish QSSR-70X/S
  • 1 x Linkstar S-type Bayonet Adapter Ring
  • 1 x Diffuse Cloth


Article number: Help 564365
Brand: Help Linkstar
Series: Help LL (Linkstar), LF (Linkstar), FS (Linkstar), FF (Linkstar), StudioKing
Dimensions (cm): Help 70 cm x 20 cm (ø x d)
Maximal Length: Help Silver / reflective
Connection: Help Linkstar S-bayonet
Dimensions folded (cm): Help 37 x 19 (l x ø)
Weight: Help 842 grams
Foldable: Help Yes
Exchangeable speed ring: Help Yes